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A Proper Health Care is a human right and it is our responsibility to care about you.

We care for the patient, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future are the most important issues we face during our lifetime. All kids are born with an innate sense of medical and compassion. With City Care, you can be sure that you will receive hospital-quality healthcare in the comfort of your home.




Physiotherapists and

Hospital Attendant(GDA)

for home visits who have passed our rigorous hiring standards and have had their backgrounds and medical knowledge verified by senior doctors. We facilitate lab tests at home and medical equipment rentals, making health care more accessible for our patients.

1.Highly qualified healthcare professionals with a minimum of 2-3 years of clinical experience.

2. Understand patient case history with the doctor and family before on-boarding.

3.Treatments adhering to doctor's prescriptions further backed by a Clinical Evaluation team. 

4. Healthcare Specialists and Nurses undergo rigorous training for personalized patient care. 

5. Electronic Home Visit Reports through tablet apps for accurate and timely analysis.





1. Promises to deliver quality care with compassion.

2. To bring world-class medical care to our patients' homes.

3.Aim to make primary healthcare not only more accessible but also more affordable and accountable to our patients' needs



1. To promote the health and well-being of patients, members, and families by providing high-level, cost-effective healthcare in the home and community.

2. To be a leader in the development of innovative services that enable people to function as independently as possible in their community.

3. To help shape healthcare policies that support beneficial home and community-based services.

4. To continue our tradition of charitable and compassionate care, within the resources available.


                                            OUR GOAL 

  • At City Care Home Nursing Services, Our goal is to provide the best home health care available. Our approach utilizes individualized attention, comprehensive services, and cost-effective methods






  • Individuals receive high-quality, affordable, in-home healthcare
  • Doctors, medical practices and hospitals offer high-quality postoperative and primary care, allowing a renewed focus on in-patient procedures and secondary and tertiary care.
  • Employers and businesses provide their employees with affordable access to high-quality healthcare 
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